In 2012 Opti-Coat was submitted to CSIRO for independent testing of chemical resistance, and scratch resistance claims. Opti-Coat is the first and only coating in the protection industry to submit to such voluntary testing to Australian standards.

Concentrated acids and ethanol were used to simulate the effects of environmental substances on the coating all with no effect, and a tungsten carbide needle used to see how much pressure was required to penetrate the coating.

Chemical Resistance ASTM D1308-02
Hydrochloric Acid (Concentrated): No Effect
Phosphoric Acid (Concentated): No Effect
Ethanol: No Effect

Scratch Resistance AS 1580 Method 403.1
Resistance: 1100g


Opti-Coat Dealer Application
Opti-Coat Dealer Application
If you would like to offer the Opti-Coat service to your clients, please complete and submit the attached document below. Successful applications are based on suitability, and location/number of established Opti-Coat dealers in your location.